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Forgotten Saints

Forgotten Saints is a story about the importance of relationships - the eternal attachments we form with God and with those we love. Although the historical events in the story are accurate, the details of the lives of each character are fictional. As you make the journey with this pioneer family, you will gain a deeper witness of how important attachment relationships are - both human and divine. You will draw closer to your ancestors, to your family and friends, and to God. You will acquire a deeper desire to do everything possible to ensure that no one on either side of the veil is ever forgotten.


Filled with His Love

Forming deep relationships with God and with others is the most important aspect of mortal life. Yet one of the most vexing problems many face during their time on this earth is the lack of love— the inability to receive and give love as the Savior did. In Filled with His Love, Russell T. Osguthorpe addresses the question of how we can increase our capacity to give and receive love so that we can have secure, healthy relationships with God and with others. Through tender anecdotes, analysis of scriptural symbols, and research-based studies, this guide will help you examine your own relationships and implement strategies for improving your attachment styles so that you can strengthen your relationship with God and with others.


Education of the Heart

This book will not only change the way you view learning; it will change the way you live your life. In the education of the heart, learning is a sacred privilege, an act of wonder. Rather than giving you a set of tips and tricks to improve learning, it helps you see learning in a whole new way. This book will help you–

• Act and not be acted upon

• Make love the motive for your learning

• Receive more divine guidance

• Increase your faith in God, in others, and in yourself

• Experience joy in your learning

• Seek truth and let truth find you


Pumpy and Poofy Live it Up The Lord's Way!

Pumpy and Poofy are "pillow people." Your child can choose pillows to represent Pumpy and Poofy as you read the story. Your child will learn alongside Pumpy and Poofy how to deal with discouragement and difficulties, look to God for help, and "live it up the Lord's way," - to have fun even in the face of challenge. During their visit to Paris they help themselves and everyone find a little more happiness by looking to God.

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